Make A New Girlfriend | What is the Best Way to Impress a Girl?



Make A New Girlfriend | What is the Best Way to Impress a Girl?

Best way to impress a girl As a human being, just think about what would impress you!

No, I am not talking about manly desires here. She is also human, so treat her accordingly.

Make A New Girlfriend

1.     Keep your intentions clear. 

The body is mind friend. If you intend to get inside her pants, believe me, she will notice in a short time.

2.     Make her feel like a queen. 

Don't wait for an occasion, just make it feel special whenever possible. Girls have a very soft heart and make them feel special instantly melts it.

3.     Be your "comfortable corner.

" Yes, every girl needs a boy she feels comfortable with.


4.     Listen to her. 

Unlike us, boys, girls are too emotional. They need someone to listen to them in every situation. Then, let her speak with her heart.

5.     Give respect.

 Don't be disgusting. Looking like idiots will instantly anger her.

6.     DO NOT TOUCH IT!  

 Let her make the first move. If she is interested in you, she will definitely take another step.

7.     Be funny. This is obvious.

 Girls love boys with a good sense of humor. But be sure not to overdo it and break rule # 5.

8.     Invest in your head than in your body. 

Intelligence runs through the world friend. Learn some skills. Realize everything possible. Open your learning channels.

9.     Class about loot. 

Dress like a man. Stay clean and well groomed. Use good deodorant or cologne.

10. Have a little confidence. 


Trust is a quality that comes gradually, not instantly. You have to practice a lot and clarify your concepts. Not only can it impress girls, but good trust can also make you a successful career.

11. Keep in shape.

 No one loves a person who has a premium membership in a clinic or hospital (just kidding). I'm talking about fitness here, not bodybuilding. Fitness is a necessity. Eat well, exercise and meditate.

12. Do not brag.

 Everyone can see the difference between natural conversation and boasting. No one is interested in your stories where you are always the hero. So be genuine.

13. Mental force.

Don't have a mental breakdown in small things. Learn to admit things. Work on fixing things instead of postponing. As a man, crying is fine, but not complaining.

14. Control your aggression. 

I am also a boy. I understand that we all have problems, but don't just eliminate all your aggression against someone just because you can. Instead, learn to turn your aggression into something beneficial like doing gymnastics.


15. Be reliable 

Be someone she can trust for anything. Do not give excuses. Keep your promises always.

16. Speak less, do more.  

Actions speak louder than words, always keep this in mind.

17. Be a source of positivity. 

Do not post sad things on social networks that show how miserable your life is. Instead, be so positive and optimistic that it attracts you.

18. Be charismatic. 

So charisma is not a myth. Be someone with such influence that everyone wants to talk to you as soon as you enter the room. Your body language, your intelligence, your sense of humor, your level of relaxation, your ability to handle things, your decision power, etc. Everything counts in a seductive charisma.

19. Be the best! 

You are just a mindset to achieve anything. Girls love boys who are good at everything they do, so work on it.


Don't be a sheep and follow the crowd. Have a goal. Work on it daily. Focus on your career. Think about the big picture.


21. Do not smoke! 

I have never seen a girl who is well with her partner with the habit of smoking.

22. Learn to keep your shit all together. 

Do not send a text message that says "I would die without you" and other horrible things like this. This really is not convincing at all. Repeal it even more by doing this.

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Make A New Girlfriend | What is the Best Way to Impress a Girl?

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