WhatsApp Money Generation Machine | How does WhatsApp make money?

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How does WhatsApp make money?


How does WhatsApp make money | Whatsapp is a free application. You can download it for free. Send text messages and call for free. So how do you make money with this?

It's very simple. You get used to it and start paying the following year, since it's free for the first year. This only applies to iOS users.

But much of the smartphone users in India are Android, the question remains unanswered. Whatsapp does not generate direct income since it does not sell ads.

WhatsApp money-How-does-WhatsApp-make-money
WhatsApp money-How-does-WhatsApp-make-money 

However, Sequoia Capital invested around $ 8 million in the company, and many other investors are interested in investing in the company.

In India, Reliance Communications has partnered with WhatsApp to provide a unique scheme for Reliance prepaid users: a WhatsApp plan. 

Therefore, WhatsApp is also making money through ties with popular telecommunications companies.

When companies invest, they obviously expect profits.

In most cases, returns are nothing more than their respective share of WhatsApp earnings.

WhatsApp money-How-does-WhatsApp-make-money
WhatsApp money-How-does-WhatsApp-make-money 
 In addition, the most downloaded application in the iOS store. Suppose there are 50 million iOS users, which means $ 50 million in revenue from iOS users every year. Keep in mind that real numbers are very, very high.

 In addition, Reliance's Tie-up in India has created a special Rs16 package plan that offers unlimited Facebook and Whatsapp.

 This could work wonders for Relaince by increasing its user base. This is the "return" of Reliance in its relationship with WhatsApp in India.

The team has been working on an idea in which they could send money to their friends on Facebook and will finally be launched on Whatsapp.

A certain percentage will be taken as the processing fee. They have also poached the PayPal CEO to work on this project.


How does WhatsApp make money| It seems strange, doesn't it? Everything about WhatsApp seems so free! You download it for free, you don't pay for text messages, you don't pay for calls. 

They claim that it is only free for one year, but in fact, as soon as that year ends, they renew services. Now, we all know that nobody likes to work for free. So why should Whatsapp do it? The fact is that it does not.

WhatsApp money-How-does-WhatsApp-make-money
WhatsApp money-How-does-WhatsApp-make-money 

You see, companies are willing to pay large amounts of money to know what's going on in their minds. 

They want to know what you are thinking, what are you talking about. Whatsapp: most likely;

All this is speculation, since WhatsApp refuses to reveal its method of income generation: it sells all its conversations to the main companies. 

These companies use text recognition software to understand what is 'in' today.

 This helps them change their sales tactics, ads and production patterns accordingly.


How does WhatsApp make money| It's about collecting and selling data, most Facebook users have no idea what the product is like.

Most of the services that are 'free' make users their product and make money with it. Earn money simply by collecting personal information about yourself and displaying accurate ads in your laptop's browser. 

WhatsApp money-How-does-WhatsApp-make-money
WhatsApp money-How-does-WhatsApp-make-money 

If you read the privacy agreement of those applications (which we hardly do), you would be surprised to see what you are accepting before using those 'free' services.

 In short, you agree to exchange your personal data, likes, relationships, etc. for using those 'free services' that are not really free.

Believe it or not, here is the 'behind the scenes' how does your algorithm work?

They collect their data, understand their tastes and sell things through their advertisers.

Do not hesitate to try it.

Have a conversation about buying new J with someone in what is the application. You will be surprised to see the offers at Amazon J's or another market the next day.

Who is the Buyer?

How does WhatsApp make money | Let's say you have a limited budget and open a business, you just want people interested in your services to know about your business when you advertise online, there is no way you can get information about people who are interested in your services But Facebook is known for knowing one better than your spouse.

WhatsApp money-How-does-WhatsApp-make-money
WhatsApp money-How-does-WhatsApp-make-money 

 Then, you can go to Facebook to open a page and ask them to advertise your campaign only to those who are really interested in it. Saving you some money and making Facebook a 100% benefit. When selling something, they got it for free.

Is that how it works. And now you know why Mark Zuckerberg's net worth doubles almost every 2 years.

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How does WhatsApp make money?

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